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Welcome to Resurrection Candles. A company dedicated to evangelizing through beauty. We create custom designed Paschal candles for Liturgical use as well as unique candles for holidays, wedding, baptisms, special events and devotions. All Paschal candles are decorated using candles from Cathedral Candle, a trusted name in the industry. Speciality candles are made from repurposed paschal and altar candles and are then decorated with wax. All of the candle is 100% burnable.

Choose from the designs below or call me to order a custom candle designed especially for you. Candles are available in 3”x6” or 3”x12”.

Seven Reasons to purchase a Candle from us​


Each candle is completely is handmade and so is unique. You will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece designed specific to you. No one creates candles like these, that are completely burnable and 51% beeswax.


Each candle is customized to the one who commissions it. As in nature no two butterflies or flowers are the same so to with a hand-crafted candle. Though some may be similar in design no two candles are ever the same. These candles bring an elevated level of beauty to any celebration. Whether it be a Christmas center piece, wedding or the sacred liturgy. or baby


Each candle is specifically personalized to you, your home, celebration or church. We work closely with each client to create a candle that expresses your unique event.


Each candle is made with the finest craftmanship and materials. We use Stockmar decorating sheets in all our work and Cathedral Candles for our Paschal candles. All our specialty candles are made from recycled church wax that contain s at least 51% beeswax.  We strive for excellence in all we do and stand by our work.


Each candle is hand signed with our signature butterfly and date.


We will hand deliver your candle to you, or we can have it shipped directly to you.


Each candle is crafted with love and prayer. We ask that blessing be imparted to the one who lights the candle and to those who gaze upon its warmth, light, and beauty.

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